getting row/column of dynamic 2d array element

I am currently using the following code to get the current row and column of an element in a 2D int array:

const int num_rows = 5;
const int num_columns = 7;

int a[num_rows][num_columns];

int *p = &a[2][4];

int row = (p - &a[0][0]) / num_columns;
int col = (p - &a[row][0]);

This works fine but now I need to change the code to take the number of rows and columns as a parameter. As far as I know, this means I need to create the 2D array dynamically:

int** ary = new int*[sizeX]; 

for(int i = 0; i < sizeX; ++i) 
    ary[i] = new int[sizeY]; 

If I create the 2D array this way, the above code to find the row/column breaks. What can I do?


 int *ary = new int [sizeX * sizeY]; // allocate memory for the 2d array

 for(int i = 0; i < sizeX; ++I)
     for(j = 0; j < sizeY; ++j) 
          ary[i * sizeY + j] = 0;

  // to get the value of collumn c and row r: use ary[c * sizeY + r];

int row = (p - &a[0][0]) / num_columns;
int col = (p - &a[row][0]);

It's a very good idea to stay way from pointer arithmetic. Don't do this! You are essentially subtracting the pointer and divide that number by num_columns, and that number will be random.

If you want to get the row/column of an element, search the array one element at a time.

for(int row=0; row<num_rows; ++row) {
   for(int column=0; column<num_columns; ++column) {
      if (a[row][column] == element) {
         // we got it!

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