How to do vignette effect on iOS?

When UIAlertViews pop up, there is a vignette effect in the background. That is, the edges are darker and the center is lighter.

I was wondering if this vignette effect was built into Cocoa Touch. I would like to show the vignette behind one of my custom views.


It is built into UIKit (as UIAlertView is part of UIKit), but it's not public.

It shouldn't be too hard to create the same effect, though. It's just a radial gradient, which you can draw in code or Photoshop.

UPDATE: If you must know, the background is a class called _UIAlertNormalizingOverlayWindow with the following class hierarchy:


In fact this effect is achieved by an extra image - a separate window with an imageview is shown underneath a uialertview. That window makes it so you can't select or touch any other views. If you want that image it can be found right here

Create a class called VignetteEffect as a subclass of UIView

Add this code to your -drawRect: method:

- (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect

    CGContextRef context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext();
    CGColorSpaceRef colSp = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB();

    CGGradientRef gradient = CGGradientCreateWithColors(colSp, (__bridge CFArrayRef)[NSArray arrayWithObjects:(id)[[UIColor colorWithRed:0 green:0 blue:0 alpha:0] CGColor], (id)[[UIColor colorWithRed:0 green:0 blue:0 alpha:0.5] CGColor], nil], 0);

    CGContextDrawRadialGradient(context, gradient,, 0,, self.frame.size.height+self.frame.size.height/4, 0);



Tweak the values to your liking.

Add it to any view you have. Et voila. A nice vignette effect.

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