Perl pack/unpack and length of binary string

Consider this short example:

$a = pack("d",255);
print length($a)."\n";
# prints 8

$aa = pack("ddddd", 255,123,0,45,123);
print length($aa)."\n";
# prints 40

@unparray = unpack("d "x5, $aa);
print scalar(@unparray)."\n";
# prints 5

print length($unparray[0])."\n" 
# prints 3

printf "%d\n", $unparray[0] '
# prints 255

# as one liner:
# perl -e '$a = pack("d",255); print length($a)."\n"; $aa = pack("dd", 255,123,0,45,123); print length($aa)."\n"; @unparray = unpack("d "x5, $aa); print scalar(@unparray)."\n"; print length($unparray[0])."\n"; printf "%d\n", $unparray[0] '

Now, I'd expect a double-precision float to be 8 bytes, so the first length($a) is correct. But why is the length after the unpack (length($unparray[0])) reporting 3 - when I'm trying to go back the exact same way (double-precision, i.e. 8 bytes) - and the value of the item (255) is correctly preserved?

Many thanks in advance for any answers, Cheers!


By unpacking what you packed, you've gotten back the original values, and the first value is 255. The stringification of 255 is "255", which is 3 characters long, and that's what length tells you.

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