Looping using NSRange

I'm trying to use NSRange to hold a range of years, such as

NSRange years = NSMakeRange(2011, 5);

I know NSRange is used mostly for filtering, however I want to loop over the elements in the range. Is that possible without converting the NSRange into a NSArray?


It kind of sounds like you're expecting NSRange to be like a Python range object. It's not; NSRange is simply a struct

typedef struct _NSRange {
       NSUInteger location;
       NSUInteger length;
} NSRange;

not an object. Once you've created one, you can use its members in a plain old for loop:

NSUInteger year;
for(year = years.location; year < NSMaxRange(years); year++ ){
    // Do your thing.

(Still working on the assumption that you're thinking about Python.) There's syntax in ObjC called fast enumeration for iterating over the contents of an NSArray that is pleasantly similar to a Python for loop, but since literal and primitive numbers can't be put into an NSArray, you can't go directly from an NSRange to a Cocoa array.

A category could make that easier, though:

@implementation NSArray (WSSRangeArray)

+ (id)WSSArrayWithNumbersInRange:(NSRange)range
    NSMutableArray * arr = [NSMutableArray array];
    NSUInteger i;
    for( i = range.location; i < NSMaxRange(range); i++ ){
        [arr addObject:[NSNumber numberWithUnsignedInteger:i]];

    return arr;

Then you can create an array and use fast enumeration:

NSArray * years = [NSArray WSSArrayWithNumbersInRange:NSMakeRange(2011, 5)];
for( NSNumber * yearNum in years ){
    NSUInteger year = [yearNum unsignedIntegerValue];
    // and so on...

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