qmake using incorrect paths to Qt installation on linux

I compiled qt (qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4) using:

./configure --prefix=/edrive/local/qt
gmake && gmake install

When I want to make new project with qmake in creates Makefile with wrong include paths and points to wrong binaries and library directories:

> qmake -query "QT_INSTALL_PREFIX"

in Makefile







These are clearly wrong as qt was installed in /edrive/local/qt.

Is there a way to fix this short of manually modifying qt config files? Am I doing something wrong?

Btw, it's selecting correct qmake:

> which qmake


You can change that value with:

# qmake -set VARIABLE VALUE

I.e. in your case with:

# qmake -set QT_INSTALL_PREFIX /edrive/local/qt

Although judging from your qmake location, you're calling wrong qmake. Try

/edrive/local/qt/bin/qmake -query "QT_INSTALL_PREFIX"

I have a feeling you have 2 Qt installations aside.

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