Monotouch.Dialog Customizing cells

I wanna customize cells in MonoTouch.Dialog.

For example make custom background in BoolElement and make custom image for this small bool thing that can be on or off, sorry forgot the name, or make custom disclosure indicator image in StringElement.

Is there simple way to do this without making own custom elements?


In some cases you'll need to create custom Element-derived types to customize cells. In other cases you will be able to add some custom code inside your application. FWIW I think it's cleaner to create your own everytime.

You can find a lot of examples in the Sample application that is available on github along with MonoTouch.Dialog (that includes having a custom background and totally owner-drawn elements).

There are also several questions (with answers) about common MonoTouch.Dialog customizations here on stackoverflow. Click on the monotouch.dialog tag and read them.

If you get stuck on a particular customization then don't hesitate to ask for help.

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