Removing a column with table editor components

I have a table that includes several columns with check boxes in them. Occasionally, my code needs to remove the columns and create new ones. When I do this via the following code

int columnscount = myTable.getColumnCount();

//remove the columns
for(int i=2;i<columnscount;i++){

All the columns are removed but the checkboxes are not. How do I remove the editor components? They are created using this code

TableEditor editor = new TableEditor (myTable);
editor.minimumWidth = checkButton.getSize().x;
editor.horizontalAlignment = SWT.CENTER;
editor.setEditor(checkButton, ti, colCheckCount);


The proper way of removing a column from Swing's JTable is by invoking removeColumn method:


Be cautious however, because this only removes the column from view without removing the underlying data.

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