Sort data using entity model

I am trying to sort different field. i.e. blogID, date, author I found order by method but dont know how to pass the value in the method... help please

public List<blog> BlogFetch(string key)
    List<blog> blogRes = new List<blog>();

    using (var be = new BlogEntities())
        blog res = new blog();

        foreach (var User in be.blogs.OrderBy(<what goes here?>))
            res = User;
    return blogRes;


be.blogs.OrderBy(b => b.NameOfPropertyOnBlogClass)

It's a Lambda expression which is used heavily in LINQ. Here's a good "cheatsheet" on getting started with LINQ syntax.

As an aside if you want to load a List of items when using EF you can just call ToList().

The OrderBy method takes a function with the following signature:

TResult PropertyRetrieval<TInput, TResult>(TInput obj);

So, if you have a Blog and you want to sort by BlogID, the result will be this (assuming BlogID is an int):

int SortBy(Blog obj)
    return obj.BlogId;

You can enter this by a Lambda expression:

be.blogs.OrderBy(blog => blog.BlogID); 
be.blogs.OrderBy(blog => blog.Date);
be.blogs.OrderBy(blog => blog.Author);


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