excel into matlab

I have several excel spreadsheets in a folder, where each spreadsheet contains several worksheets. I've written a code which loads a specific worksheet from each spreadsheet into matlab. The worksheet is called 'Bass min'.

files = dir('*.xls');
    %read data from excel into matlab
for i=1:length(files);
    File_Name{i}=files(i,1).name;%Removes the file names from 'files'
    [num{i},txt{i},raw{i}] = xlsread(File_Name{i},'Bass min');

Is there a faster way of doing this? As I have many spreadsheets its takes a long time to read. I've heard some people mentioning actxserver as a faster method, but don't know how this would work!

many thanks


You could try reading the files in basic mode, in which case Matlab would read the files directly without going through Excel:

[num{i},txt{i},raw{i}] = xlsread(File_Name{i},'Bass min','','basic');

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