swing create font

I have some custom components with overriden paintComponent(Graphics g) method. In some components drawString() method from Graphics g object is used. I want to define custom fonts for such drawn strings.

I have *.ttf files with true type fonts definitions. I have a css file with style classes, defining fonts like:

.rosTexLogoTitle {
   -fx-font: bold 20pt 'Tahoma Bold';
   -fx-text-fill: #246db6;
   -fx-font-weight: heavybold;
   -fx-padding: 0 10 0 0

I want to define all properties from css in my java class or maybe there is a way to use styles directly from css-files(not necessary).

I've tried to create font with a constructor with Map parameter:

public Font(Map<? extends Attribute, ?> attributes) {

But I didn't success. I can create custom font with Font.createFont(style, path) then can derive it to set size. Color can be set in Graphics.setColor(). But I can't set 'Tahoma Bold'.


You can't set the font weight or family; these are just used to select the correct .ttf file.

So the solution is to use the correct .ttf file to begin with. For example, the font family Arial comes in four files:

arialbd.ttf - Weight "Bold"
arialbi.ttf - Weight "Bold", Slant "Italic"
ariali.ttf  - Slant "Italic"
arial.ttf   - Plain version

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