Can't install Mono for Android for Visual Studio

When i try and install Mono for Android it won't install the plugin for Visual Studio. I have Visual Studio Ultimate 2010. Also when reading the installer log it shows an error when downloading the installer manifest.

[2011-11-30 09:03:00.386] [Info] Retrieving installer manifest.
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.386] [Info] Downloading from ''.
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.688] [Exception] Failed to download installer manifest from ''
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.688] [Exception] System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.688] [Exception] at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.688] [Exception] at WindowsInstaller.Utilities.DownloadUrl(String url, Action`3 doDownload)
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.688] [Exception] at WindowsInstaller.Utilities.GetInstallerManifest()
[2011-11-30 09:03:00.688] [Info] Installer manifest not found at ''`

Has anyone else had this problem?


I've downloaded the windows installer from the beta releases on From there you can download the Visual Studio plugin directly. This shouldn't be the way to install the plugin but for an easy workaround it's good enough.


I've notified the people at Xamarin about this issue, it should be resolved shortly.

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