Why use XML(SOAP) when JSON so simple and easy to handle?

Receiving and sending data with JSON is done with simple HTTP requests. Whereas in SOAP, we need to take care of a lot of things. Parsing XML is also, sometimes, hard. Even Facebook uses JSON in Graph API. I still wonder why one should still use SOAP? Is there any reason or area where SOAP is still a better option? (Despite the data format)

Also, in simple client-server apps (like Mobile apps connected with a server), can SOAP give any advantage over JSON?

I will be very thankful if someone can enlist the major/prominent differences between JSON and SOAP considering the information I have provided(If there are any).


I found the following on advantages of SOAP

  • There is one big reason everyone sticks with SOAP instead of using JSON. With every JSON setup, you're always coming up with your own data structure for each project. I don't mean how the data is encoded and passed, but how the data formatted format is defined, the data model.
  • SOAP has an industry mature way of specifying that data will be in the form Cart is a collection of Products and each product can have these attributes, etc. A well put together WSDL document really has this nailed. Heck, it's a W3C specification.
  • JSON has similar ways of specifying this data structure. A JavaScript class comes to mind as the most common way of doing this. A JavaScript class isn't really a data structure in any kind of agnostic, well established, widely used way. Heck, JavaScript really only executes in one environment, the browser.
  • In short, SOAP has a way of specifying the data structure in a maturely formatted document (WSDL). JSON doesn't have a standard way of doing this.

If you are creating a client application and your server implementation is done with SOAP then you have to use SOAP in client side.

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