Delphi 2006 translate from/into French/Dutch/German with a single ansi codepage

I need to make some translations from/into the French/Dutch/German languages using Delphi 2006 (without any third party units/components).

These 3 languages have the code page 1252. Our database is UTF-8 compliant, so at this moment I rely on the fact that all the values from the tables are UTF-8. Should I be confident on this assuming? This will work well, or I should worry about UTF-8 -> code page 1252 differences, if there are any? I didn't understand the difference between UTF-8 and code pages(for example I understood that the first 127 bytes are the same, and begging with the 128th byte are different).

Second, I need to make a search on some fields. Can I rely on ANSIUpperCase function from D2006? Or should I do a custom function, to treat each special character?

LE: data is stored in UTF-8 format.

Thanks in advance!


  1. The database being UTF8-compliant doesn't mean the data is actually stored in UTF8. E.g. in Firebird (which is UTF8-compliant) you can declare tables using ANSI character sets.
  2. You'll need to convert from UTF8 to ANSI 1252 and vice versa. E.g. with UTF8Encode and UTF8Decode routines.

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