Bundler: always use latest revision of git branch in Gemfile

I have a Gemfile with a private git repo in the following format:

gem 'magic_beans', :git => "git@git.example.com:magic_beans.git', :branch => 'super_beans'

When I bundle install, the Gemfile.lock locks it to a specific SHA revision.

Can I get bundler to always check and use the latest SHA commit and/or update the Gemfile.lock? Notice that when I push updates to the super_beans branch I am not modifying the gem version.

Ideally, every time I run bundle it would check upstream git repo for a newer SHA revision of the branch.


This isn't how bundler works. The point is to allow seamless versioning of dependencies. (particularly so you know exactly what version of the code is deployed at any given time).

If want the latest version, you should just run.

bundle update magic_beans

This is exactly the same functionality as if you just say

gem "rails"

I'd suggest though, if you have a range of specific things you want to update then add a custom binary (say an executable file named bundle_update)

#!/usr/bin/env bash
bundle install
bundle update magic_beans

Then just do a ./bundle_update when you want to update these things.

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