How to prevent Android SQLite from dumping stack trace to logcat?

On Android 2.3.3 I'm doing a bulk import into one of my SQLite tables, using the API method:

SQLiteDatabase.insert(String table, String nullColumnHack, ContentValues values)

It works fine, but if there is a database error with any row (e.g. constraint error) a full stack trace is written to Android Logcat which quickly fills up.

How can I turn off this stack trace?

I already handle any Exception being thrown but the Logcat is being polluted from within the SQLite library code.

I am worried about performance on mobile devices.

  • transactions for import are enabled already
  • preloaded DB is impossible because data might change

Constraints should be enforced and I will handle violation, but 20 line stack traces in Logcat for each violation multiplied by hundreds of violations is what I want to turn off.

Unfortunately I also cannot use advanced conflict handling introduced with Android Froyo because app must also run on older devices.



OK, I just found the solution as follows:

I have to use a different API method (not SQLiteDatabase.insert()):

SQLiteDatabase.insertOrThrow(String table, String nullColumnHack, ContentValues values)

Now, the exception is thrown from the SQLite library, as expected and no stack trace is dumped.

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