How do I remove multiple labels from a panel?

In reference to this: How do I display something I enter in a JOptionPane on the JFrame?

I've made a JList which also outputs what I've inputted, and it displays on the JPanel as JLabels, as what I've done using the link. However, how do I remove the respective JLabels this time? Thanks so much to anyone who will help!

Edit: What I want to do is when I click the remove button in my JList, the label on the panel will also be removed.


I'll add an answer to provide some code since I have the feeling my comments are misunderstood.

First, if it isn't necessary, don't use a label per list entry but use one label whose contents is a concatenation of the list entries. Then update the label's text whenever the list changes.

Basically, you have a method like this:

private void updateLabel() {
   StringBuilder text = new StringBuilder();
   //this assumes listModel is a DefaultListModel and doesn't contain null values
   //adapt for other list models and add any necessary checks
   for( Object entry : listModel.toArray() ) {
     text.append( entry.toString()).append(" ");
   label.setText( text.toString() );

Then add a listener to your list model:

listModel.addListDataListener( new ListDataListener() {      
  public void intervalAdded(ListDataEvent e) {

  public void intervalRemoved(ListDataEvent e) {

  public void contentsChanged(ListDataEvent e) {

Thus, when you change something in the list the label would be updated automatically.

Do the following:

String stringToRemove = "CATS";
jLabel.setText(jLabel.getText().replace(stringToRemove, "");

If you have say a JLabel set to: "CATS DOGCATS APPLE" it will change to " DOG APPLE" after removing the CATS string

1) put there JPopupMenu rather than JOptionPane

2) add List Selection Listener to JList, set Selection Model

3) check if SelectedIndex > -1, if passed then removeItem(s) from JList or from ListModel

4) better would be add JList Items to the DefaultListModel

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