How to cleanup threads once they have finished in Perl?

I have a Perl script that launches threads while a certain expression is verified.

while ($launcher == 1) {
    # do something
    push @threads, threads ->create(\&proxy, $parameters);
    push @threads, threads ->create(\&ping, $parameters);
    push @threads, threads ->create(\&dns, $parameters);
    # more threads
    foreach (@threads) {

The first cycle runs fine but at the second one the script exits with the following error:

Thread already joined at line 290. Perl exited with active threads: 1 running and unjoined 0 finished and unjoined 0 running and detached

I guess I shall clean @threads but how can I do that? I am not even sure if this is the problem.


Just clear @threads at the end of the loop:

@threads = ();

Or better, declare @threads with my at the beginning of the loop:

while ($launcher == 1) {
    my @threads;

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