Dynamic Web Project libraries

Good morning in my timezone.

I have imported one Dynamic web project to my eclipse. I have downloaded the Tomcat server. If I work without any IDE, I know that every libraries that we use in the project must be inside the lib folder in tomcat.

Folder structure : Tomcat\webapps\WEB-INF\lib

My question is, if I need a library (*.jar) should I put it directly in the lib folder or should I configure in the build path, adding it in the libraries tab?

Second question, my project steels have the red cross above the project name, but I do not see where the error is, in the src folder no class have any error and inside the Web Content folder there is not any cross, so how can I know where the problem is?

Thanks in advance. Best regards developer community.


1) There shouldn't be any need for configuration, just copy them in the lib folder. 2) Make sure you have set the right jdk and the server libraries. right click on project -> build path -> configure -> libraries. if there is no tomcat runtime lib, you should add it.(I assume tomcat is embedded in eclipse. If not, right click on servers(next to console) and add the tomcat server.)

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