Entity Framework References, Multi Layer App

I have set up my MVC app with seperate Class Libraries for my Domain (POCOs) and Repositories. Now my DbConxet is currently in the domain layer and i wanted to add the following:

protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)

but it couldnt find DbModelBuilder. Now I checked my references and noticed it was referencing EFCodeFirst0.8/lib/EntityFramework.dll When I changed this to EntityFramework4.2.0.0/lib/EntityFramework.dll DbModelBuilder was available but I get errors because the other projects in my solution (MVC and Repo) are referencing the original dll. So I update them but then the MVC layer has a problem in App_Start/SQLCEEntityFramework.cs

What have I done wrong?! Should I have the OnModelCreating in another part of my app and reset all the references to the original EFCodeFirst0.8/lib/EntityFramework.dll? Or fix up the errors in App_Start/SQLCEEntityFramework.cs?

Thanks all,



You are doing it wrong :)

There is really no point in POCO, repository pattern, and all that stuff intended for persistance ignorance, when you have entity framework referenced everywhere and your domain is tied with it.

Your domain should be pure class library (with things like componentmodel, dataannotations of course) without referencing EF.

Then you should have "contract" (that is interface, in another class library) between your MVC app and "all the possible repositories" - also EF agnostic.

And finally you have "one particular implementation" of that contract - your EF repository. That should be the only project referencing EF library.

The point is, that if tommorow your boss comes and says "ok, we switching to nhibernate", you sould replay "no problem, i just write another repository implementing this interface with it and change 1 line in IoC container configuration". And as a bonus, you can update your EF reference in 1 place only :)

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