Strange behavior in Uri-class (.NET)

Why does the Uri class urldecode my url that I send to its contructor and how can I prevent this?

Example (look at the querystring value "options"):

    string url = "";
    Uri uri = new Uri(url); //


// ?id=1&name=andreas&options=one%3d1%26two%3d2%26three%3d3
Request.QueryString["options"] = one=1&two=2&three=3

// ?id=1&name=andreas&options=one=1&two=2&three=3
Request.QueryString["options"] = one=1

This is my problem :)


why exactly? you can get to the encoded version using url.AbsoluteUri


Console.WriteLine("1) " + uri.AbsoluteUri);
Console.WriteLine("2) " + uri.Query);

2) ?id=1&name=andreas&options=one%3d1%26two%3d2%26three%3d3

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