add RSS button in wordpress website

I have a WordPress blog on my website. But I've created my own page that pulls information from the database using the_post() loop and functions like the_author() and the_content() etc.

I want to know how to add an RSS button on my website.

So I need all my posts to be automatically converted to RSS, and then a button that users can click on and they subscribe to that feed.

I no nothing about RSS, I've researched and researched and tried multiple things. I know RSS is supposed to be simple but I just don't understand it.

All I know is that I need my posts to be converted into an RSS feed, and a button that lets users subscribe!

I know that the WordPress dashboard has RSS widgets etc., but as I said I have a separate page outside of the WordPress folder that pulls info from the database, the the widget wouldn't be useful. Unless you can specify widgets on completely separate pages!


Wordpress automatically adds new posts to RSS feed. Usualy the address is

You just have to create a ink to this URL.

<ahref="" rel="nofollow">**Subscribe**</a>

If you need more fancy RSS feeds and tracking then check out

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