Swing option other than JxTaskPane

I am using JxTaskPane to add menu items ..but i don't want to use it, as i don't want that expand and collapsed type of container .. i just want to arrange my menu items horizontally.

If i add it to panel than i am unable to add actions to it as JxTaskPane has a method ..

public Component add(Action action) {

so what can i use here ..or if there is no other choice, can i remove that expand and collapsed button. and also... how to arrange the items horizontally in JxTaskPane.

Currently I am having a JScrollpane inside that is a JXTaskPaneContainer then inside JXTaskPaneContainer there is JxTaskPane .

Please help me..



If you can't use JMenuBar subclass JPanel and add a method

public void addAction(Action a) {
  addComponent( new JButton(a) );

That panel could use any layout manager you want, e.g. FlowLayout.

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