PHP code to require another script from four directory levels lower

I am a newbie in php and I have a problem in getting another script to run in my code. The script I want to run are in the same folders but the one being included are in a folder four levels below.please help me. My directory tree is as shown below.



I have written my code above but it doesn't seem to run the script. asuming my home directory is aston_martin, I want to run the script explore-vehicle.php four levels below. My directory is \websystems\vehicles_details\vehicles\aston_martin\index.php and I want to run a script in \websystems\explore-vehicle.php.


You probably want something along the lines of (assuming you're on the index.php page in aston_martin):


If you need to change a different directory, other than just the one you end up in, you could do that, e.g:


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