How to import database into Navicat Lite or sqlitemanager in Titanium

In my titanium application I can able to create the database and access it.But I don't know how to import my database in into Query Browsers like Navicat Lite or sqlitemanager extension on Firefox.

I am working on Android Platform. My Titanium SDK verison is 1.7.5 Operating System : ubuntu how do I import my database into Navicat Lite?


To get your database file,

Go to the folder where your android SDK is placed. In your android SDK there is a folder named tools. open that folder. In the tools folder you can find a tool named DDMS. Open that DDMS tool.

In DDMS open the device menu and select file explorer. Now you will have a new window which contains all the files of your currently opened EMULATOR. Now your database file path of your app will be ,

data/data/your application id( etc)/databases/dbfilename.db

export this DB file from DDMS to your local directory like desktop or any where you want. than you can open that file in your sqlitemanager.

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