how to delete lowercase words from a string in python

I'm new in python and I'm having some issues doing a simple thing.

I've an array (or list as it's said in python) like this:

 list = [ 'NICE dog' , 'blue FLOWER' , 'GOOD cat' , 'YELLOW caw']

As you see each element of this array contains some words. These words is both lowercase and uppercase.

How I can delete from this array each lowercase words?

For example I'd like to have as result this list:

list = [ 'NICE' , 'FLOWER' , 'GOOD' , 'YELLOW']


l = [ 'NICE dog' , 'blue FLOWER' , 'GOOD cat' , 'YELLOW caw']

output = [' '.join(w for w in a.split() if w.isupper())  for a in l]
# or:    
output = [' '.join(filter(str.isupper, a.split())) for a in l]



(Don't use list as variable name.)

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