Need help in finding an Oracle Exception.. Java+Oracle+Prepared Statement

Forgive me if this question is very vague

Some time back i faced this issue.

I used java and wrote a prepared statement INSERT into a table that had a few CLOBS. I inserted the records in the same order of the columns and got a SQL exception. The question is about this exception only.. I completely forgot what this exception is about

When i googled about the exception, the solution said CLOB's must always be inserted at the end and not somewhere in the middle even though the column occurs somewhere in the middle of the table.

I did that and the issue vanished. Now does any expert know which exception i am talking about? Please forgive me if i am not giving enough information. This is what I have


Whether you should insert blobs at the end will depend on your database and the driver. To be honest, I would consider it a bug in the driver if it required the users to handle this implementation detail of the database, instead of the driver taking care of it.

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