Could .NET be parsed and evaluated at runtime

I thought it would be fun if I could write or c# code at runtime and the interpreter would automatically parse it like python does it, so I made a little program, which would do something similar. Basically it looks like this:

InputArgs = Console.ReadLine()
ParseInput(InputArgs.Split(" "))

Private Sub ParseInput(Args as List(Of String), Optional TempArgs as List(Of String))
Dim arg as string = Args(0)
If arg = ".." then
elseif arg = ".." then
end if
End Sub

I know it's not a good system, but it show's the basics. So my question is: Is it possible to make or c# like python - interpreted at runtime?


This already exists in a fair number of shapes and forms:


Mono has the Mono.CSharp assembly, which you can reference to do whatever CSharp.exe (A C# 'interpreter' or interactive shell, if you will) can do:

void ReadEvalPrintLoopWith (ReadLiner readline)
    string expr = null;
    while (!InteractiveBase.QuitRequested){
            string input = readline (expr == null);
            if (input == null)

            if (input == "")

            expr = expr == null ? input : expr + "\n" + input;

            expr = Evaluate (expr);

Needless to say this works on MS.Net too (of course, that's the point about portable .Net).

Full sources here on github - just as the rest of Mono, in fact.


Several DLR languages have been implemented, including but not limited to

It will allow you to evaluate python/ruby code on the fly in the .NET framework.


Microsoft has published Roslyn as a CTP (preview). It can basically do the same stuff as the Mono REPL (first item), and (much) more. But it is a preview still.

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