Rabl Multi-model collection

I am using RABL to output a Sunspot/SOLR result set and the search results object is composed of multiple model types. Currently within the rabl view I have:

object false

child @search.results => :results do
  attribute :id, :resource, :upccode
  attribute :display_description => :description

  code :start_date do |r|

  code :end_date do |r|


child @search => :stats do
  attribute :total

The above works for a single model; however, when multiple model types are within the @search.results collection, it fails because both classes do not have the same instance methods. Does anyone know how to have different attributes based on the type? Ultimately, it would be nice to conditionally extend a different template within the results collection based on the type of object. Something like the below pseudo code:

child @search.results => :results do |r|
  if r.class == Product
    extends "product/base"
    extends "some other class base"


You can take full control with 'node' and avoid this issue entirely in the 'worst' case:

node :results do
  @search.results.map do |r|
    if r.is_a?(Product)
      partial("product/base", :object => r)
    else # render other base class
      partial("other/base", :object => r)

Does that help?

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