Layout suggestions for GUI?

So I want to make a new JList and a new JPanel at the bottom, but I'm not too familiar with the BoxLayout, FlowLayout and the like. What do you suggest so I can make my GUI turn into something like this:

Excuse my drawing and thanks to anyone who can help! :)

Edit: What does this do? JPanel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(JPanel, BoxLayout.PAGE_AXIS));


Use MigLayout. It is very easy to use and has only a very small learning curve. It can easily handle the layout you are going for. Specifically, start with the Quick Start Guide, and then the Whitepaper for the rest of the API)

The specific pieces to look at with MigLayout are docked elements (to the right and bottom, it looks like) and fill, since it also looks like you want things to take the whole space.

Other than that, you probably won't need much more for specifying the layout.

As an example, using MigLayout and SwingBuilder in the Griffon framework, here's how I would lay out what you have:

migLayout(layoutConstraints: 'fill, wrap 2', 
    columnConstraints: '[grow|]', 
    rowConstraints: '[grow|]')

panel (constraints: 'spany 2, grow') { 
    // Main content with the picture go in here 
list(constraints: 'grow') { 
    // Top list 
list(constraints: 'grow') { 
    // Bottom list 

panel(constraints: 'grow') { 
    // Bottom panel 
panel() { 
    // Button panel 

There are likely many better ways to do this, and I haven't put the layout together and run it myself so I'm not 100% sure it works, but it should serve as a good starting point.

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