Countdown function connected to ajax

I currently have an PrimeFaces <p:poll> ajax poll function that executes every 90 seconds to refresh some data. I've been asked to make this visual and I'm just wondering the quickest/lightest way of doing so?

The way I am thinking is I have two options:

  1. Create a PrimeFaces <p:poll> that executes every second, reducing a global JavaScript number variable, which when it gets to 0 then executes the ajax to refresh the data, although this could be subsceptible to processing lag?


  2. Find/Build some sort of count down timer in jQuery/JS and like above execute when it's finished counting down.

Hopefully somebody has a cleaner/better method.


I think for this case, it would be better to use <p:remoteCommand instead of <p:poll.

That way you can code the countdown/display using JQuery and call the remote-command and reset the count to 90 when the count reaches 0.

<p:remoteCommand name="fetchData" action="#{...}" update="..."/>
<!-- fetchData here will be a global javascript function. --> 

RemoteCommand showcase

A problem with using <p:poll is that the poll's timer and the display timer won't synchronize.

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