Limiting activity via PHP

I have a social network that allows users to post blogs, ask questions, and message. We have had a slight issue with spamming. For example, we had users sign up, and write about 6 blogs a minute trying to sell stuff.

I am looking for a quick way to limit these activities by the id of the user, let's say only allowing them to post 3 blogs a day.

I have the users stored in a $auth variable and through OOP bring them up by $auth->id for example to be more specific.

Looking for a fast,simple way to do this via php.

thanks in advance /**EDIT*****/

this is what I have so far, and I know for sure $too many is counting as it should, but for some reason my if(statement is not stopping the 4th blog from posting. HERE is the code


Something like CAPTCHA would be appropriate. However, if they're being entered manually, it will do little to stop them. Regardless, no reason you can't implement both methods.

I'm assuming you have a created field in your blogs table. Simply query the table for the number of blogs with today's date before allowing another to be posted. Not sure what database/API you're using. In MySQL, you could do:

FROM blogs 
WHERE user_id = USERID 
AND DATE(created) = '2011-11-30'

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