Flickering while dragging in Swing

I have such code:

public class DpDropTargetListener implements DropTargetListener {
   public void dragOver(final DropTargetDragEvent dtde) {
      if (dtde.getLocation().equals(container.getLastLocation())) {
      Rectangle visRect = container.getVisibleRect();
      container.paintImmediately(visRect.x, visRect.y, visRect.width, visRect.height);

      //prepare the image to paint, and paint it
      Graphics2D gr = (Graphics2D) container.getGraphics();            
      gr.drawImage(container.getDragImage(), AffineTransform.getTranslateInstance(
         x, y), null);

It should draw specified image while dragging. But this image is flickering when I drag it. What should I correct to stop flickering?


Override the container's paintComponent() method. During drag set the image and location in the container and call normal repaint();

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