Binary generated by MinGW compiler will work on the machine without Mingw?

see i have code like


void* thread_function(void)
  printf ("This is thread %d \n",pthread_self())
int main(int argc,char *argv[])
    pthread_t thread_id[argc-1];
    int i;
    int status;
    printf("argc is %d ",argc-1);
    pthread_create (&thread_id[i], NULL , &thread_function, NULL);


Now i have compile it by MinGw compiler gcc.exe 4.6.1 and get a.exe now i want to ask you does this a.exe will work on other windows machine where MinGW is not installed?

Edit : When i compile this code by Cygwin compiler and run its binary on other windows machine without cygwin it doesnt run..says cygwin.dll is missing something like that error comes


If I remember correctly it should depend only on the Microsoft CRT (msvcrt.dll, probably to one of the oldest versions available on Windows) and other system standard dlls (kernel32.dll & co.), but you can easily check it by yourself by examining your executable with the Dependency Walker.

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