Access a strict protected property of a Delphi class?

I need to access a strict protected property, because I need to create a validation (based in the value of this property) to avoid a bug. (I don't have the source code of the third party class which has this property) only I have the definition of the class (interface) and the dcu (so I can't change the property visibility). The question is Exist a way to access a strict protected property? (I really read the Hallvard Vassbotn Blog, but I don't find anthing about this particular topic.)


This class helper example compiles fine :

  TMyOrgClass = class
  strict private
    FMyPrivateProp: Integer;
  strict protected
    property MyPrivateProp: Integer read FMyPrivateProp;

  TMyClassHelper = class helper for TMyOrgClass
    function GetMyPublicProp: Integer;
    property MyPublicProp: Integer read GetMyPublicProp;

function TMyClassHelper.GetMyPublicProp: Integer;
  Result:= Self.FMyPrivateProp;  // Access the org class with Self

Some more information about class helpers can be found here : should-class-helpers-be-used-in-developing-new-code

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