Populating textbox with contents of Arraylist c#

I have a frustrating problem. With the following code in my clsExchange which is called in my FormExchange with simply txtPhonesInSystem.Text = ClsExchange.listPhones();I can only display the first arraylist entry.

 public string listPhones()
        string strphone = string.Empty;

        foreach (clsPhone phone in phoneArray)

            strphone = (strphone + phone.PhoneNumber.ToString() + "\n");
            return strphone;

        return strphone;

However, if i take the logic and put in in the btn_press event on the form.cs it displays the complete contents. The only difference I can see is instead of return strphone I use txtbox.Text=strphone. Any suggestions greatly appreciated aS I have been at this all day.

EDIT Thankyou all for your answers. I new it had to be something as simple as that. I guess my brain isn't made right for this stuff. Shame because I love it.


This line inside the foreach is the problem:

return strphone;

You're quitting on the first record.

As an aside, is this still C# 1.0? If not, why are you using ArrayLists?

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