Sencha Touch - Get Record on Change Event

I am trying to migrate some work on Ext JS to Sencha Touch.

I implemented some stuff using Ext JS's select event and I thought of implementing them in Sencha Touch. Since Touch didn't have a select event, I tried using change event. But then, I am stuck in a position where I might need data from the record

It would be great if there is a workaround for this.

Here is some code to make things clear:

// Ext JS Code
select : function(combo, record, index){
     Id =;
     Name =;

//Touch Code
change: function(combo, value){
     Id = value;

Here is a JSON object. So basically, I want to traverse back to record to find the Name. Since the value property has Id, I am good there. Also, I am using Ext JS 3.4 and Touch 1.1 (if that would help).


It can be something like this.

//Touch Code
change: function(combo, value) {
    var rec ='Id', value);
    Id = rec.get('Id'); // or Id = value
    Name = rec.get('Name');

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