Create Select Tag from Split String

How do I split this string:

waterfowl||tvs||guitar||pillow||mouse ||?

Then, I'd like to create a select list like this:

<select name="options" id="options">
  <option value="waterfowl">waterfowl</option>
  <option value="tvs">tvs</option>
  <option value="guitar">guitar</option>
  <option value="pillow">pillow</option>
  <option value="mouse">mouse</option>


var options = 'waterfowl||tvs||guitar||pillow||mouse';

$( '#someDiv' ).html( '<select name="options" id="options">'
    + options.replace(/(\w+)\|*/g, '<option value="$1">$1</option>')
    + '</select>' );

// Turns a string in to a combo box based on:
// @d      Delimiter to split the string up by
// @so     Select box attributes (adding name="foo" means passing {name:'foo'})
// Result: jQuery object of the new select element, populated with the items
//         from the string
String.prototype.toSelect = function(d,so){
    so = so || {};

    var s = $('<select/>',so),
        items = this.split(d);
    for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++){
    return s;

// an example
// Append the following string to the body of the document
// after it's been converted in to  a <Select> element
    name: 'select',
    id: 'select'

Version with a bit more flexibility (and jQuery abilities):

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