can the HTML5 Canvas element be created from the Canvas constructor

I would like to be able to make Canvas elements from the constructor so that I could make a function like this.

function createCanvasContext(height,width)
   var body =  document.getElementsById('body')[0];
   var canvas = new Canvas();
   canvas.width = width;
   var context = canvas.getContext('2d');
   return context;

I get an error at the line var canvas = new Canvas() saying that 'Canvas is undefined' does HTML5 not allow creating elements from the constructor? or are there parameters that I need to pass to the constructor. Any ideas would be great.


While you can do new Image() just fine, new Canvas() isn't a thing! Canvas Isn't even a thing, though HTMLCanvasElement is. Nonetheless you cannot use its constructor.

document.createElement('canvas'); is what you want. You have to use that, just like with divs.

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