The simpliest way to visualize - easy-use graphics. Which languages and lib?

I'm going to develop math model of trafics simulation and will need to somehow vizualise it. The model will be in C++

I'd like someone to recommend me how can I visualise the result data file - e.g. paint cars, road etc. Language choose is not important but should be easy enough to go into.

os: Win32

UPD: It'd better be the 2D not 3D but actually - doesn't matter


Best quality and most general software I've seen is Graphviz.

I've heard lots of good things about VTK (not yet had the occasion to use it myself).

The Wiki contains lots of C++ examples.

Although I do not know how (or even if) it interfaces with C++ you may be interested in processing to quickly build visualizations.

If you want more 2D than 3D and if you know C++, then using Qt and notably its Qt Graphics View framework could be ok.

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