Collecting emails on a static page in rails

I have a static page on my Rails 3.1 site. I have a Visitor model that has only an email attribute (email:string). I would like to collect emails from visitors to my site. They will type their email in a text field and click on submit and then be redirect to a thank you page.

I can do this sort of thing with resources but I don't need that much. Just a submit and a thank you.

How do I do this? Please provide code for the view and the controller.

Thank you.


What is wrong about using resources? Your visitor is a resource, so why not treat it like one?

In your routes:

resource :visitors, :only => :create # POST to visitor_path to create a visitor
root_to ...

In the VisitorController

def create
  @visitor =[:visitor])
    render "pages/comingsoon" # or redirect, or render leave empty to render views/visitors/create.html.erb
    # ...

Now you can have a file views/pages/comingsoon.html.erb with content

<h1>Thank you</h1>
<p>Stored your email address <%= %></p>

And for completeness, the form for a new visitor:

<%= form_for do |f| => ...

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