SQL Server If statement to update table value

I'm trying write a routine in SQL Server that, when run, would traverse specified tables and, if a specific column contains a value, update another value. In pseudo code:

 select * from table1
 if column1 = true
     update table2.column1 with value where table2.column2.value = table1.column2.value

Basically, traverse table1 and if the value in a specific column is true, update the value of another table's column1 where that row's column2 matches table1's column2



You don't need the IF, just use a WHERE clause:

SET t2.Column1 = 'blah'
FROM Table2 t2
INNER JOIN Table1 t1
   ON t1.value = t2.value
WHERE t1.column1 = 'True'

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