Can Mono create/run reports in rdlc?

I've never used mono and was curious if mono can create/run rdlc reports? What I'm looking at implenenting is a mono mvc app to use a rdlc to create a report and export to pdf. Is this possible with mono?


There are some open source projects which tried to implement RDL reporting in .NET:

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Java Regex - What does each of these parts do?

java regex expression

if(password.matches("(?=.*[0-9].*[0-9])(\\w{8,})") )

primefaces 4 datatable pager works only after first ajax update

primefaces datatable pagination

i have an primefaces 4 datatable, when loading the page the paginator isn't working.. when i click the button nothing happens. But the first data is shown. Wehn i now sort/filter the table once the

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