How can i get my own wall posts using the Facebook c# API

I am being incredible dim, but i cannot seem to get my head around or find any examples of using the Facebook c# API to get a list of wall posts. Now initially, for testing i just want to get my own, this will be replaced with the clients wall posts, but in essence the procedure will be the same. It is simply to show the wall posts in a styled format on my clients new website.

I need some help/guidance with

  • Becuase this is data owned by the person (i.e. me and my client) do i still need to get an authentication token or can i generate one for this purpose (i already have an app token/secret)

  • How can i grab the posts, i tried looking at the examples but even though i really see the benefit of the dynamic approach, especially with a beast like Facebook, without the intellisence i am like a beached whale, flapping around but going nowhere.

Does anyone know how to do this, or have any good examples anywhere?


No matter what you do, you need users permission, for that, you need to create a Facebook App first.

Go to and create one.

If you are using it only in a website, just fillup the website URL with your http://localhost:12345 save it, grab the secret and api key and ad to your web.config file in the Facebook C# SDK area.

Now that you can get information on your page, you need to ask permission to the user to request the wall posts, you will find all request permissions in facebook.

That goes on either the javascript if you want to use the Facebook javascript API (fastest) or as an attribute in the Action that needs that permission.

You might find the Video from the author of this SDK that he gave in MIX this year, to be a nice tool to start you up really nice.

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