Why doesn't this a:visited css style work?

Is there any reason why this does not work on Internet Explorer 9:

            A {font-weight: bold; color:black;}
            A:visited {font-weight: normal; color: black; }
            .Empty {font-weight: bold; color: black; }

        <a href="http://mysite">click me</a>

The link I click never goes to normal and just stays bold. On some other browsers it works.


Edit: it doesn't work in chrome either. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: changing case did not affect it.

Edit: changing a to a:link did not affect it.

Edit: changing color works, just not font-weight.

Edit: workaround was to change accessibility to ignore web colors. I do not have access to the source, so I had to do it this way.


Actually, this has nothing to do with case sensitivity. This is a security feature. The functionality of :visited pseudoclass has been restricted in many modern browsers (Fx4, IE9, Chrome) to prevent CSS exploit: read about it here.

Nowadays, getComputedStyle() in these browsers usually returns values for visited links as if they weren't visited. However, I can simply imagine circumventing of that: using font-weight for visited links, the element's width changes so browsers that would allow changing font-weight for :visited links wouldn't actually fix the security hole.

Thus, there's no workaround for this issue.

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