How to use previous (3.x and 4.x) simulators within XCode 4.2

Does anyone know how to configure XCode so that the Destination drop down under Manage Schemes encapsulats all previous simulators iOS 3.x and iOS 4.x? Currently the Destination drop down only lists iOS 4.3 and iOS 5.0 devices. The only way, I am able to currently access previous simulators is by running previous versions of XCode. I would like to run all simulators from XCode 4.2 without the need to revert. I've already tried to change the deployment target. This does not work.

Thanks so much


For 4.3 set iOS Deployment Target to 4.3 (or earlier). Get the simulator from Xcode, Preferences, Downloads, Components.

According to @rckoenes: You can't reactivate the iOS 3.x Simulator, you will need to install an older version of Xcode (one with the iOS 3.x SDK) along side Xcode 4.x (with the iOS 4.x SDK), see answer here.

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