Order by fileinfo extension and name

I'm using this query:

Dim FilesDirsQuery = From file In
                   Select file.Name, file.Extension

It gets all files and directories in the _directory. But how to order the query by extension and name?

So I found that I have to use this to order by extension:

Dim FilesDirsQuery = From f In
        Select f.Name, f.Extension Order By Function(f As IO.FileInfo)
                                              Return f.Extension
                                            End Function

And I have to use "ThenBy", but it can't be used in my example. So I tried:

FilesDirsQuery.OrderBy(Function(f As IO.FileInfo)
                        Return f.Extension
                       End Function).ThenBy(..)

But it say's that my nested function doesn't have a compatible delegate. So what should I do?


This will give you directories, then files alphabetically.

I used f instead of file in the query because Visual Studio wanted to change file to File.

Dim FilesDirsQuery = From f In
                     Select f.Name, f.Extension, isDirectory = ((f.Attributes And FileAttributes.Directory) = FileAttributes.Directory)
                     Order By isDirectory Descending, Name

Edit: (because question changed from order by type to order by extension)

To order by extension, just use this:

Dim FilesDirsQuery = From f In
                     Select f.Name, f.Extension
                     Order By Extension, Name

Edit 2: Lambda functions

What you're calling a nested function, actually needs to be a Lambda function. Here's how the OrderBy method would be called using a Lambda:

FilesDirsQuery.OrderBy(Function(f) f.Extension).ThenBy(..)

The parameter type and return statement are implied.

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