Can't override margin on <h#> tags?

Good day to all of you...

This has been bugging me for quite a while and I've wasted precious time on this... it's irritating me as hell.

Couldn't get rid of the left side margin on the h1 (etc) tags... So right now I don't think it's the html... Take a look at the screenshot.

You can see that Arial has the biggest margin of them all. Impact is perfect. Is this already known to every designer out there? Better yet, does it have to be like my screenshot?

I've included a reset.css, I tried * { }. I checked it out in IE, Chrome and Firefox, all the same. Chrome gives it a -webkit-margin-before of 0.67em... It's bugging me, because a 1 pixel offset drives me crazy!

Like Darek said, it could be a font related problem, but I wanted to be sure!

Thanks in advance, Marvin.


I could be wrong but I don't believe this is a margin's simply the way the font is designed.

I guess if it's really bugging you, you could always go with a hacky negative margin solution?

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