Displaying a progress dialog until new activity loads

I have a progress dialog I am trying to show when a user clicks a button to launch a new activity. The spinner should be displayed on the current page until the other activity appears. ( The activity can take sometimes up to 4-5 seconds to launch and without the spinner it just shows a pressed button that looks frozen )

This is what I have, it's only working if I remove hideProgressDialog();, but then the spinner will still be there when I back to the previous activity, obviously.

What am I doing wrong ?

Progress Dialog :

    public void showProgressDialog(Context context) {
    if(this.progressDialog != null) {
        this.progressDialog = null;
    this.progressDialog = ProgressDialog.show(context, "", "Chargement en cours, veuillez patienter");

public void hideProgressDialog() {
    if(this.progressDialog != null) {
        this.progressDialog = null;

Function :

public void startActivity(Context context, Class<? extends Activity> activityClass) {
    try {
            Intent intent = new Intent(this, activityClass);
    catch(Throwable e) {

Example of a button click where this calls the function to show the spinner :

public void onClick(View view) {
    if(view.getId() == R.id.changeBannerButton) {
        getBaseApplication().startActivity(this, BannerListActivity.class);


Call "hideProgressDialog();" in the onResume() method. This way, if the user presses the back button, the onResume() method gets called and immediately hides the progress dialog.

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