Objective C / C static method performance

Here is a method from a class in some of Apple's example code. Why is this method defined as a static C method rather than an Objective C class method or a class method? In the context in which it is used I suppose it needs to be as performant as possible. Is this why? Is this the most performant way to declare a method?

static BOOL lineIntersectsRect(MKMapPoint p0, MKMapPoint p1, MKMapRect r)
    //Do stuff
    return MKMapRectIntersectsRect(r, r2);


It's not a static method, but rather a function. And it's probably defined as a function because it operates on two data types (MKMapPoint and MKMapRect) which are not objects (they are C structs) and thus can't have methods associated with them.

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