Delete everything inside a tag but another tag jquery

I have this piece of html

    <div id="Cart">
        You have <strong>1</strong> item in your cart.
        Your sub total is <strong>$35.00</strong>.

I need to be able to get the information between the <strongs> and delete everything else, is that possible with jquery? I tried $("#Cart strong:not()") But didn't select anything, I thought maybe placing the info in a variable, deleting everything with .remove and reprinting the variables but I don't really know how to do that, can someone help me?.

The information between the strong is dynamic, I believe all the other is in a php file that I dont have access to... maybe filtering the words and removing them? Any advice will be welcome :)


Here's some code to get you started:

var strongs = [];
$('#Cart strong').each(function() {
$('#Cart').html('First strong contains: ' + strongs[0] + '; And the second: ' + strongs[1]);

Here's an example of it working:

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